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Clever entry! This was so different. I loved the flow and the metaphors. Great job.

God Bless~
This was a clever fun take on the topic. I did notice some errors it's instead of its and Stephen spelled incorrectly. Then when I got to the spell check part, I wondered if it was on purpose. If it was, you may have wanted to do some more in your face incorrectly correct words like their and there etc. Words like misspelt and recognise would be correct for a British writer but not for an US one. I like that you had me wondering. You did a great job writing on topic in a fun and clever way.

Well you certainly found a topic in spite of everything around you being in chaos. A big congratulations on placing 1st. And just for the heck of it - misspelt is not a British version. We do 'misspelled.' Don't tell Shann I said that - she might come after me! hahah!