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Definitely a story to be told for generations to come. Great job setting the scene. I felt the heat, and could see the twinkling stars, the crazy chickens, and feathers flying everywhere!
This was great. You were right on topic and it held me to the end.
What a fun and descriptive story and with a very clever title.

I just read this out loud to my husband...we are both laughing as I type.

Wonderful job with this delightful tale. I loved it!
We both saw the entire scene before our eyes. Nicely done!

This will remain a treasure within your family for all future generations. lovely!

I am still cackling!!!

God Bless~
This is hilarious! I loved every single word of it! And laughed till I cried! I knew what was coming and still jumped when the chicken pecked her finger.hahaha! Great story and perfectly told!
First the title is a fitting Noel Mitxa award (if you don't know him, check out his many tongue in cheek play on words. This BTW is a huge compliment)There are stories in every family like this. They are just too great to stay in the past. You painted a great picture and had me giggling quite heartily. This story is the definition of predicament.
I chuckled at your chickens. I could picture the scene well as my father also kept them and we had our moments too. This certainly fits the topic and has a good ending where the whole family fall about laughing after dad sees the funny side. Well done.
What a great story and a true family treasure, no doubt. Only comment I'd make is spice up the chaos of the chicken chase even more. It's a jewel of a scene, so milk it for all it's worth. Maybe mentioning the wild-eyed look on the chickens' faces, or the laughter of those standing around watching your family's predicament which only served to infuriate Papa even more. One short paragraph about the chase itself wasn't enough for me! Nice story.
I loved this comical little story about catching all those chickens. Glad Dad had a sense of humor.
What a fun article. Your sensory descriptions were excellent.