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I really like your story. When babies are aborted with them also dies the potential generations that could of been. You shared a powerful message here.
Thank you for this important and powerful message. There are so many people in this world that "would not have been" if not for the wise choice of the mother...with God to guide them.

Well written and right on topic. Great job.

God Bless~
This is a great idea for a story. I think you handled the conflict well. Just because someone is Christian doesn't make them perfect. Sometimes having a trusting soul can make one vulnerable.

At the very end you said you had a girl Heather, Mom and Dad helped raise her. I had to read that sentence a few times because at first I thought you meant three people, Heather, Mom and Dad, helped you. Then I realized that Heather was the baby's name. You could clarify this by adding a period after Heather or by adding the phrase . . . baby girl named Heather. It's a tiny detail but it will help the flow of the story.

Again I think this is a perfect fit for the topic. You also delivered a great message that many can relate to. It's nice to read stories that can help the reader work through problems in life.
But for the grace of God! I'm sure Christians and non-Christians have found themselves in this predicament. I not only enjoyed your story, but was so pleased that you showed that abortion isn't the answer. Thank you for sharing your workk here. I enjoyed your story very much.
Congratulations for placing 12th in level 1!