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This was so suspenseful. I held my breath as I read it. I was flooded with relief at the end.
I found the seriousness of the subject and the lightness at the end a strange contrast, however, this was very well written.
This was quite a story...It made me sad knowing that there are people experiencing this "horror" daily. And, yet just when the reader felt as if they could explode from the intensely seious nature...the MC finishes with a laugh. Good job!

It reminded me from the scene in the movie "Steel Magnolias" The scene at the graveside where Sally Field is crying "why?" And, just when you thought you couldn't get through it, they make a funny remark, "here hit her."

Good job with this wonderful entry. Thank you.

God Bless~
Good Job! Wonderful!
The title grabbed me because my favorite character has a saying Sleep tight don't let the elephants bite. I thought you handled a difficult topic well. The saying "elephant in the room" fits brilliantly in this dream. I like that no one talks about the problem (the elephant in the room) and the MC dreams about snoring elephants. There are many subliminal messages in her. Keep up the great work.
This story saddened me, but I'm glad you could end it with a bit of humor. I didn't have "him" coming after me, but I did have a relative who made my life very unhappy at times. In that sense, I could feel your MC's pain. I am glad you were able to end it on a light note. Good writing!
Such a sad story--told well.I loved the "snoring elephant" thought.
Very well written.
Not sure if it was on subject.
It shows a lot of promise.
I was not satisfied with the end. You started with a very serious subject and ended with humour.

However, I hope you keep writing. You certainly have a talent for it.
Great story. I liked the way you created tension and the unpredictable ending.