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Thanks for the laughter. Sometimes I feel when we try to follow Christ we have a tendency lose our sense of humor. I loved this!
Excellent writing. You told the tale with great humour. Thanks for the giggle.
That left me Laughing Out Loud (literally)!! Hahahahah! I bet that made God laugh too! Seeing all you big ole guys jumping around over a little mouse! Thanks for sharing made my day!
Hahahahahahahaha...Oh thank you for this laugh. I really enjoyed this story. I hope the little guy "lived" and ran away.

Yes...God is always there no matter the circumstances. And, I personally believe the Lord has a great sense of humor.

Good job! God BLess~
Ha Ha Ha. . . what a true predicament! I enjoyed the application at the end.
This is great! You had me laughing at the picture in my head. As they say, it's not the size of the mouse but the direction he is traveling in the pants that matters! I thought the way you turned this funny story into a spiritual message is grand.
This is a great story with an equally great message. If that little mousey had been a big black spider I would have amputated my leg to get away from it! Thanks for a good laugh.
As I read your entertaining entry, I was reminded of the verse in the Bible..."Is anything too hard for God?" Obviously, the answer to that is "NO!" I think all of us are guilty one time or another of not calling on God under situations like this, thinking He's got better things to do, but we need to let Him make that decision; not ours. I loved your delightful story!
Thanks for providing me with a hearty laugh! Good story.
I laughed all the way through this. Great use of humor to make a point. Well done.
Hilarious! Loved the easy manner in which you told the story and how you extracted Biblical truth out of such a crazy predicament. (I found myself wondering if any cars come along during the ordeal. ;) )
Correction: "... if any cars came along" is what I meant to say. HaHa! Oops! :)