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Complicated story to share: Two of my cousins married (the bride was an "adopted child" so it was accepted). As a result, there was no change of the last name! Their children had to refer to their grandparents by using first names. My cousin often referred to her "Grandma Dorothy!" I enjoyed your salute to yours!
What a beautiful legacy your precious grandmother left behind in you. Your strength of character to walk away from what most see as security into your life's calling is to be commended. Thanks for sharing this lovely story!
Oh you are so right it takes a special person to be a writer. It's not easy to write down your most intimate thoughts and share them with a world of strangers.

I can tell your grandma was a very dear person to you but I would have liked to have known more about her. Because she will always be vivid and alive in your mind, you'll have to work extra hard to transfer that spunk onto paper for the reader to feel like they too knew Grandma. The best way to make your character come alive is to show the reader what she was like. Paint a vivid picture. Grandma rocked in her chair, her pen and paper tucked beneath her cushion. When thought came over her, she'd whip out her pen and write furiously. Something like that will give the reader a picture in their mind and make the character leap from the page.

I believe you have tons of delightful stories that only you can tell. The best way to get them out is to write, write and write.