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I related to; "These first moments were often a battlefield of fear and faith. Would her words be Spirit-filled, nourishing hungry hearts? Would the reality of Jesus be obscured by age, culture, or personal perspective?"

Very nice story..Thanks!
I hear that bit about "Nice sermon" sounding a bit vague and overdone, yet find that in some bigger churches that may be all a person has time to say as the pastor greets the exiting crowd on their way out the door!
I like this and relate it to the writing world. Many people leave comments on stories that are meant to be encouraging but after a while seem to be rote. It's nice to hear the positive but important to be honest so the preacher/writer can grow.

Some of your transitions were a tad abrupt. You had the reader in the meeting with the staff rehearsing then suddenly Estelle was commenting then they were back in a meeting again. Try to smooth those transitions.

I really like your message. It's important to be encouraging but sometimes what we may think is encouraging isn't at all. I think one really needs to look into one's own heart and ask God for the right words. Sometimes a simple smile is enough encouragement while other times we need to let God do the talking for us.

Congratulations for ranking 9th in level one!