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Great story; nicely told and very encouraging! Loved it!
Good detail and focus. One possible red mark? 'akin' and 'like' mean the same thing. I think you may have meant 'akin to a Florida tornado. Encouraging story and faith reminder. Keep writing.
Beautiful job with the topic. I loved the "dialogue" with the Lord and the MC. Lovely story.
Thank you.

God bless you~
I enjoyed this idea quite a bit. I like that it is based on a true story. I think it is wonderful that God inspired you to write it now since the news has been full of stories about tornado season starting early this year.

You could still pep up the story with more showing. You mentioned the trees bending but if you had described other things like debris flying across the yard and street signs noisily clanging in the wind it would make the reader feel like they were watching it all unfold with the MC.

Keep writing and pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone. God does use your words to encourage others.