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Great story! It encouraged me to be somebodies answer to prayer. Thanks for giving me the idea... God Bless

Your story was the embodiment of the Challenge topic. Such a good job.
This is really nice-God does watch us even when we don't think He does!
Tears are falling down my cheeks! What a beautiful entry. I loved this.

God is always watching isn't He? And so often He brings us blessings when we least expect it. He loves us, and will always reward those who walk in His ways, as evidenced by the MC's scenario.

Thank you for this! It touched me deeply.

God Bless you~
It's those little surprises that delight and bless us. What an encouraging story for us all.
I love this story. It brought tears to my eyes. I have done random acts of kindness for strangers before (though never $60 worth) and I believe I was more blessed by this gift than the stranger was. It's something I'd encourage everyone to try once in a while. Even if it's just something little like helping an elderly person put their groceries into their car.

The only thing that might make this great story excellent would be if you did a tad more showing than telling. Instead of saying "tried not to make direct eye contact " show it by saying something like my eyes refused to look at the clerk as my cheeks burned a bright shade of red. You've done quite a bit of showing but even more will really paint a picture for the reader.

Your MC jumped to life for me. I could picture her and my heart hurt for her feelings of desperation and anxiety. This was spot on topic and you did it in a fresh way. You showed encouragement not by words that a person or God said but by actions. I think that was a brilliant idea.
Congratulations! God Bless~
Thank you for reading my story. I appreciate the feedback and encouragement and look forward to reading your stories too!