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This is a wonderful testimony! It's perfect example of the way the Lord teaches us what we need to know, when we need to know it , and "how" we need to learn it.

So many times we just don't "hear" what He's saying, so He has to "show" us.

Very...very good work! Keep it up!

Wow - this was truly touching and so true. I loved it.

The Lord "speaks" to us in may ways...and your daughter was a perfect example and you illustrated this beautifully in your entry.

The confirmation from God as He tries to reach us is varied, given the circumstances and the individual.

Beautiful job...thank you.

God Bless~
I can completely identify with your story. It's so neat how God uses our children to convict us of our misunderstandings of who He is. He loves us so much! Nice job!
I think just about any new believer can relate to this. i know I can. This article could really be a boost to new believers.
Oh how I enjoyed this. I understand why Jesus loved the little children so much. They can be great teachers if we open our eyes.

The only thing I might suggest is to do more showing than telling. It's something most writers struggle with. Instead of telling that you had a day where everything was going wrong show us. For example, The alarm buzzed me awake an hour late. I jumped out of bed and smacked into a wall. This paints a picture for the reader.

Your story was right on topic and a fresh approach. Anyone who has kids will surely be able to relate to this delightful lesson. Keep writing and rejoice in the love Jesus has for you.
Very nicely done. I can see this published as a devotional. Add a scripture reference and there you go:)
I love this story and I love the title of it. It's amazing how many of us think the way you did as a new Christian. I have been a Christian now for 32 years and I still have days as you describe. My only suggestion on this entry is that you need to watch your punctuation and spelling; otherwise, I thought the piece was very smooth reading and I enjoyed it very much.