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I really enjoyed this story; it encouraged me to be bolder in my faith just like Kris was with his. Plus, it had the topic written all over it. Good job.
"Faith without works is dead." I have always loved this passage...and this whole story solidified what we are to do as Christians. God boldy and seek and "show."

What an act of faith by "showing" - so powerful. I loved it. Thanks for this.

God Bless~
That was supposed to read
"Go boldy" but somehow God came out! Shows you He is always on my mind! LOL.

God Bless~
Dear Kris,
I loved your article! What a beautiful testimony to God's power and love. Thank you for allowing God to use you as his conduit to touch not one but three people. Great story, and you delivered it with ease!
I just realized Kris is probably a fictional name. Regardless, you delivered your story well.
Beautifully done. This one made me cry. Good job.
This is a great idea and a touching story. It's not an easy thing to do for sure.

You may want to do more showing than telling. For example in the first sentence you told that Kris over hear instead show by doing something like this Kris leaned back in his chair and tilted his head as the waitress' words drifted into his ear.

You may also want to make the paragraphs a tad smaller, especially with a short story it's nice to have that extra white space.

I so enjoyed your message. You were right on topic. It was a good beginning that draws the reader in right away.
A teaching, encouraging story. Believe me the showing will get easier as you continue writing. Though I still struggle with it. Good job.
Congrats on your well deserved placment! I enjoyed your story. look forward to more.

God Bless you~
Congratulations on your highly commended. It's well deserved.