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This was a compelling story that held my interest throughout. There were many women in the bible who were important and used as vessels for the Lord. "Debra who judged" and was so brave and marched on into battle, in obedience to the Lord, comes to mind immediately...You know the rest - I won't go there. But, a very powerful story. Thank you for this. I enjoyed its message and intensity...I felt for the MC.

God bless~
I don't even know where to start in telling you how very much I liked this story. It grabbed me, kept me and did not let me down. On topic, very creative, clearly communicated and would be highly sought after in so very many venues!

As a women who feels led by the Lord too, in a mans world, I so relate to the MC.

I don't know what part of your story is true or what is fiction, but I find myself praying the Lord opens doors for you no man can shut.

Thank you for sharing this beautiful piece of work.
You wrote of an aspect of faith important to all of us - personal faith/calling. The counselor was wise, the student, too, in listening and understanding. Nice job!
This is a good story. I liked how you used both definitions of appointment in this piece. I loved your description of ballet of butterflies.
This is good. I like it!

One very minor suggestion.... Don't start off with digits. If you feel the specific time is important and it starts a story or paragraph, then I'd suggest spelling it out.

Some good reminders here that we shouldn't turn away from God's calling.
I'm excited to see what God does with your passions and new directions. There are several grammatical errors in this, but otherwise a great story.
I loved 'butterflies were performing an equisite dance in her stomach.' This is an interesting story and you wrote it well. Good job!
oops! I meant to say - exquisite ballet.
Congratulations! I hope you won't stay out of the challenges for so long again. Happy Dance!
Congratulations! God Bless~