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Great job and I am so glad the Bible was still there! I left my only Bible in a guesthouse used by many folks last November and it was found. I identify big time! Enjoyed your descriptions.
This is an interesting story. These days it is amazing that something would still be there.

I thought in the first paragraph, the sentences might have flown better with tiny changes like spend the evening in prayer while reading... and sitting by the creek and watching... It would help the tense stay consistent. (sorry I didn't catch it before)

I do like your idea and it really helped me format my story this week. Keep writing, you are touching people.
i like the title and i like the story... well done
I really enjoyed your article. It was as very good story of the faithfulness and goodness of our precious Lord.
The article read well and was very easy to follow. There were a few grammatical errors, but nothing drastic that I saw.
Keep up the good writing and praising our Lord!
This was a lovely entry and touched my heart. We all have our favorite Bible - and I would have felt the same way. Nice job.
God Bless you~