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This is a heart-wrenching tale. You did a nice job of showing the topic in a clever and fresh way. What is a better example of agreements and disagreements than marriage and divorce.

Some of the sentences may have been a tad long. But you did a nice job of using descriptive phrases.

The ending was quite powerful. I can't imagine getting married mere minutes after a divorce. You did a nice job with this. Keep writing!
Oh yeah, be careful with having the title give away the ending. It didn't in this case (I actually scratched my head at first wondering how 22 minutes related to story) I see that was time from divorce to remarriage, and people aren't going to realize that from just reading the title, but sometimes if the title is based on the end it can give away a good twist. Not sure if I made sense--my brain is tired. :)
Wow. Very good believable dialogue and then "bam"-the unexpected! After you have her husband find the booties I wondered if he would still leave or that the news would rekindle his feelings towards her.
What a sad piece but thank the Lord for the blessings of children. I felt for the character and didn't see the time frame coming either.

Other than being a little lengthy which is not a bigee this piece is very well written. (I have to work on that myself too.:))
God bless and keep up the great writing.:)
Wow! What a powerful piece, it tugged at my heart. I felt so bad for the MC after the husband delivered the "bomb."

Wonderful metaphors, excellent descriptions of how the MC was feeling. I especially loved this:
"I could hear it beating in my head and feel it fluttering as though a bird were throwing itself against the inside of my chest."

Great job - I loved this. Keep writing - wonderful piece.

God Bless~
What a tale you told! Both excitement and joy as well as gut wrenching pain. I'm wondering if this is your own story and, if so, I feel for you.

When I got to the line about finally conceiving after 10 years, I realized that the MC had to have been ecstatic . . . like beside herself ecstatic in the biggest possible way. I kind of wish I had a sense of that excitement in the first sentence. We don't have to know why she's so happy in the first sentence. Use that to draw the reader in. Make them wonder why she's so darn happy. Just a thought, anyway. That's how I would have started it.

This is a good story and it held my attention. I didn't know what was coming, was happy that they stayed together, but then another twist with the sad ending. If this is not a true story, I could easily see it being one. Nice job.
Wow, what a range of emotions. So sad it ended the way it did, but glad she had a little girl to love.
Wow, what a roller coaster. First I was over the moon excited for her. Then devastated with the schmuck's cowardice way of breaking the news - in public. I was surprised by two things at the end. They stayed together for the baby. Then the divorce at 1:58pm and he remarried two minutes later. What a schmuck!

When stories get me riled up inside it's a sign of good writing. Keep it up
Oops! I meant to type 22 minutes. He's still a schmuck
This is superb! Your descriptions of emotions are outstandingly accurate to those of us who've shared similar situations and trials. I was enthralled in this story to see what happend next. Your ending was also perfect!! The bottom line was not expected and yet forseen, and left much to the imagination. This does not belong in beginners. I SO look forward to reading more from an obviously talented writer.
Wow, that is powerful writing indeed. I agree with everything that has already been said by the others, wonderful descriptions and a great twist at the end.

I don't know if anyone else did this, but I must admit I skipped over the date and time at the end of the story; too many 'facts' to take in at once. I wonder, could you perhaps say,

"Exactly three years later on February 8, 2000 our divorce was final at 1:58 p.m; twenty two minutes later, Jason remarried."

It still shows the ridiculously short time frame, but less 'thinking' is needed. I hope that makes sense, and others may totally disagree with my logic!

Anyway, great story and I, too, look forward to reading more of your work! Well done!
I can tell I'm reading something good, by the sounds I make when I'm reading it:

"Oh man!"

Thank you for taking me on this emotional journey.
A story that keeps the reader interested all the way through is a well told story. This is one of those. I just kept hoping it wasn't true.
Oh - what shall I say? For a beginner's entry - excellent! Loved the fast pace, tension, emotion, realism, everything! There were bits and bobs that could be tightened up but on the whole, a very well written entry and spot on topic! You won't be in level one for long.