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I simply loved this entry! This was so beautifully written. I truly enjoyed this descriptive piece, with a lovely message.

I cannot get enough of the word, so I can relate to "Ruth." Nicely done - this should do well in the ratings.

God Bless~
I enjoyed this differences between sisters. I can totally relate to Ruth. I keep my dictionary by my side ready to look up a new word. I almost wish you had started with the paragraph about what happened last Sunday. It was an exciting one and would draw the reader in quicker as you did more showing than telling. Describing the actions and what the characters look like is a great way to draw your reader into your story. You've done a nice job. Keep writing!
Interesting story, especially the analogy of the diving board. Ruth is another me - how'd you get into my head?

I didn't get the umbrella connection. Guess you were referencing an outdoor pool? In my mind's eye, as I read your story, an indoor pool image stuck in my head.

Nice work.
Ruth needs an iPhone! She can then look up a word in her dictionary app at any moment. ;)

I agree with the comments of more showing and less telling. I like the way this article explains it.

Also, make sure you vary your sentences to add interest. Your first three sentences are all about the same length as are many of your sentences throughout.

I was always taught to capitalize the Word when referring to the Bible. It would be especially good in your story, as you do mention a "word" she wants to look up more than once and there could be confusion for the reader (there actually was for me).

I love this sentence: Should you find yourself sitting next to Ruth on a Sunday morning and notice a glazed look come over her, dont worry, shes just drifting over towards the diving board in her mind, contemplating another dive into the Lord again.

Nice writing. :)
This was wonderful.
I enjoyed this essay and I have to say, I would enjoy diving in deep with Ruth on any day.
Congratulations for placing 6th in level 1!