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Laugh-Out-Loud funny! I have
nothing else to say except if this is a true story-- congratulations and I'm so sorry.

Great application of the theme.

Well done.

This was so funny! I loved it. Great job of bringing the characters to life...It was well written and held my attention throughout.
Great job! God Bless~
Funny stuff!
Humorously embarrassing!

I have to say, I had a little bit of a time following who was speaking. Like the very first line of dialogue, "Maaate!" It is completely unknown who is saying that until a paragraph goes by and the narrator replies to him.

Also, it took me a while to figure out the narrator was the groom. Had I known, the first half of the story would have made a lot more sense. Don't forget that while you have the whole picture in your mind, the reader doesn't know anything that you don't reveal. Some readers might have assumed he was the groom, but maybe I'm just slow!

Don't forget to capitalize the main words in your title. It should be "The Toast". And one last thing. Don't be in a rush to get your story in. If you write it early in the week, let it sit a day or two and then reread it. You'll likely find ways to improve it. I reread, edit, revise and improve my story many times before entry.

Your story fit the topic perfectly. Nice job with your embarrassingly funny entry. ;)
I enjoyed the beginning, it drew me in as I could picture humor was about to come.

I'm not sure if my brain was tired but I sensed there was a big punchline that went way over my head. But after reading it a third time it slowly crept in my mind that Mom fainted because the best man had offered his help in the baby-making details?

Even if I did miss a punchline, the picture you painted and the parts I did understand were great and you covered the topic in a fun way.
This was so funny! If its a true story, I give not only you, but your bride credit for enduring the embarrassment from your best friend and your mother. Hopefully the marriage is a happy one! Well done.
i got confused with the "mate" as to who was who as well and maybe being a Brit I lost a bit of the twists and turns in the humour. I did like a few of the jokes though.... personally i would of liked a little more descriptive flesh on the bare bones of the dialogue.
Congrats! God Bless~