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Wow - This was powerful,and it was truthful in that life doesn't always have happy outcomes. That was a tough ending but one that leaves your imagination open - praying for the best.
Thanks. God Bless~
This is a nice take on the topic. I know of a couple who this actually happened to. The wife was able to work it out and forgive the husband. The ending does feel a bit harsh and I almost wished the brother had been empathitic but life is harsh. I could see someone reading this and changing their own attitude with loved ones in their life. Sometimes stories need to be harsh to help us become better people
Man, what a tearjerker. I have heard of relationships destroyed by various social media. You really evoked a lot of emotions with this piece. Good job.
I could feel all the emotion. Good job.
How sad. Facebook and other such sites can definitely bring about temptation and try to lure people away from reality into some sort of fantasy. The grass is definitely not greener on the other side, and we need to guard our hearts and use wisdom when seeking old friends; perhaps 'old flames' are best left unfanned. Well done.
Oh, ouch! Knowing someone who did this same thing made this a difficult read. This lady said the guy brought her satisfaction, but the fallout does not allow that to be the truth, especially when you are going against God's word! And, oh, how the kids suffer! What made this an excellent piece, is that the emotion was palatable right to the end. Good job!
This is a powerful tale. One with a message that I wish i could broadcast on every Social Media website.

I think there is a lot of room for developing the story into the further relationship between the sisters and how they work things out (or don't) but leaving it where you did leaves me wondering 'what happens next?'