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Good job and strong story. I enjoyed this very much. Thank you. God Bless~
This brought tears to my eyes. I can feel the anguish of the MC and the love and empathy jumps off the page.

Try to stay consistent with the tense, the first was in the past then you switched to present. Sometimes you have to mix them but the second part of the first paragraph might have been more powerful in the present. Also work on more showing than telling. For example: . I talk to them about their day and give them lunches that they like.
Just changing it a bit will show the reader. I ask Abbey, "How was your day?" She shrugs her shoulders and lowers her eyes.

You've done an amazing job with the story being about the topic. I feel like I can hear the cracking of your voice as you tell the story. The ending is great and comes back full circle. For some things there are no easy answers. I think this is a fresh and lovely story.
I was going to ask if this was a true story, and then I realised that, even if this particular one is fictional, how many 'true' accounts of this are happening everywhere around us? Being a teenager is hard in anyone's era, but I especially feel for our kids and youth these days. They are literally bombarded with so much 'attention,' but as you so very clearly showed it's not always real, intentional and connected attention, but a very poor substitute.

Prayer and love, prayer and love!!! That is the key to breaking into their worlds and helping them come back to reality. Well done; this is one of my favourites for the week.
This one is a real heart wrencher! It has the ring of truth that all good writing should have. (my view at least, the possibility that even if it is fictional it's totally believable).

I think the switching between the tenses is essential to the story as part of it is what's happened and the other is what's happening now.

A good story well told.
This story makes me hurt for the children of today. They spend so much time in a world that is not real, that they miss the reality surrounding them. How very difficult it is to parent children today, whether they are yours or not, as in this story. You write with great feeling, my friend, and that means a lot.
Congrats. This was nicely done. God Bless~