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This was a sweet story with obvious sentimental moments. Thank you. God Bless~
A delightful story. I loved the message.
This is a great story. You did an awesome job developing the characters. I so enjoyed the pictures you painted for me. You did a superb job of showing instead of telling.

Now for the red ink. The topic wasn't there at all. If you stretch it I can kind of see that Granny's advice is a form of social networking. You didn't need the explanation point in the first sentence. Save them for dialog and instead use "salsa verbs" to express your exclamation.

I really enjoyed the story from beginning to end. It was a delightful read. Granny's advice is quite clever and a nice parenting technique. You did a grand job with this.
I loved the story, but I do agree with Shann. I found myself wondering if I'd missed it.

It might sound silly, but what's wrong with Granny Gray sharing this with Jolene via one of the means of communicating through the Social media (Skype comes to mind).

I think the story has a lot going for it, but we need to learn to stay 'with the brief'
Wow! Your writing is absolutely beautiful! I was there with Jolene and Granny Gray, and could almost smell the flowers and hear the insects in the garden. And what wonderful advice she gave Jolene! Your writing style is just gorgeous, I can't wait to see 'who' you are so I can bookmark you!

BUT, please please please, next time, use the topic!!! I was desperately hoping that you would bring in the social media theme at the end, because this is so very good; if it had included the topic, wow!

Well, I shall stop gushing now and just finish by saying well done. :-)
You have a gift for writing description. I'll echo the others with --make sure it's on topic.