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Great story. did not see any mention of Rain though.. It kind of reminded me of the lady that was taken hostage awhile back and read "the purpose driven life" and the captor gave himself up..
Well-written! Luther is appropriately creepy. I wonder if you'd consider changing the title, because it gives away the whole story. With a different title, your reader will wonder "is Luther good or bad?" until the truth is revealed, and you'll build even more tension. This is just a picky detail; the story is very good. And appropriately rainy!
Great writing! Although I wondered what woman would pick up a stranger..and I did see the rain...she was driving in it:) Keep writing!!
Excellent job! This gave me goosebumps--I kept waiting for Luther to do the wrong thing. Just picking up a hitchhiker is risky, but you wrote him so that I could feel the apprehension like I was in the car. Awesome!
Good story! Kept me wondering where it was going to go. I enjoyed it!
A good job of suspense writing! Especially about Luther. You did a creepy job! Well done! :)
Ooooh, great suspense. I was hooked the whole way through. And yes, your title does give away the ending, but I got so caught up in the story, I forgot! Great job!
I really like this one. You had me hanging on every word.
B-r-r...(shaking off the chill). Good job!!
All of the above. Well done!
Well told - but I might have chosen a less telling title -leave it more of a surprise.
This is one worth re reading. I hope the judges recognize it as well.
Garnet, this is all too freaky, since I just picked up a hitchhiker this weekend. I usually would not, but felt God's hand pushing me along to do it. Turns out, the guy was a Christian, but didn't believe in healing and whatnot, and I was able to share with him about my own healings and my son being a miracle of himself! Thanks for sharing. Definitely a spine-tingler!
Garnet-Congratulations on your win. I was just awed at such a heart winning story and so close to home. I thought it was great all around. God bless ya, littlelight
Oh, Garnet! I think you did an excellent job. Congratulations!
Ooh ... I've got goosebumps! Well done! And congratulations!