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Loved this:

"Allow the Holy Spirit to set up the full Armor of God in you. It is the best anti-virus against Spam Thoughts."

Great job with this entry. I enjoyed this fully.

God Bless~
I really enjoyed your message. It was a clever take on the topic. You definitely covered the topic in a thorough and thought-provoking way.

I have a few little suggestions that will help your writing become even stronger. Watch out for repeating words or phrases. For example, you used the word accomplish and Spam several times.

It will help the flow if you make some of your sentences a bit less complicated. This sentence: I would find myself occasionally reading through Spam for close to an hour, and at the end of my day realizing I could have accomplished something important I had previously planned to do if I hadn’t wasted my time reading Spam. would be tighter like this: Occasionally, I would realize I had wasted valuable time reading SPAM, time that could have been used accomplishing something productive.

You may also want to quote the Bible verse you referenced for people who won't go and look it up.

Having said that, I left this article feeling like I had been reminded of an important message. It seemed like God was talking directly to me through your words. It's not easy to do that. Your ending summed up your thoughts in a concise manner. I had a feel-good feeling in my heart.
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