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Good job! I enjoyed this piece. I especially liked the clever ending:

"So excuse me for now. It’s time to go clear the mental SPAM that surfaced while I was diligently writing this piece about SPAM… "

God Bless~
This is a sweet story. I could definitely relate to eating something so as not to hurt one's feelings. I like the way I could almost smell the SPAM cooking!

You did get around to talking about the computer term, but it felt like it should almost be two different stories. The first part was animated and light. I think this might work in a devotion. Telling a personal story then applying how it has changed your life is a great idea.

You also could implement a few little things that would help make your piece even better. Try double-spacing between paragraphs. Also get a good proofreader who would help you catch little things like having an extra quotation mark. Also make sure you start a new paragraph each time a different person is speaking.(The FW forums are an excellent resource for finding critique groups and there are writing tips, as well as the criteria the judges use for scoring each entry)

You had many areas that you were really good at. I liked your beginning, it caught my attention and made me curious.

Your message is very good. It's something most people can relate to. Your writing is strong and you are quite expressive. Keep writing and spread the messages God puts on your heart.
Spam - not the meat - is to be the topic. Wonder why I kept thinking of the meat? The flip to computer and then mental SPAM seemed to spring from an unrelated direction to the breakfast talk.

The imagery though is quite intense, regardless of how you led the reader along. That is good.