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Looks like a legitimate SPAM email -the kind I get everyday! Good job with this.

God Bless~
Great job expressing emotions evoked by dreadful SPAM. Loved the title, and loved the use of "Pfishers of men".
This is a fun poem. You did a great job covering the topic.

When I write poems, I have a hard time developing the correct rhythm. One of the tricks I use is to count out the syllables in each line to make sure it flows.

It may help the flow if you don't double-space between every line, but instead double-space only every 2-6 lines.

I think you have a creative flair. This piece made me smile and took me back to my childhood.
This is a real fun poem and so true. Loved it.
Lovely lively bouncy fun poem.

Loved it just the way it was. Very well done.
Ha Ha! I loved this running conversation with your computer.
Clever, title! You were definitely on topic, and you gave a very descriptive account of the Spam game. Some improvements needed on the crafting of the poem. i.e. rhythm. Ex. The word "surely" interrupted the rhythm. In Jan's Basic Grammar which you can find on the Forums, there's an excellent thread on how to improve your poetry skills.

Lots of potential. Keep writing!