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I love the Bible verse!! I love how the Mom shared it with the daughter. The ending was really good. A wonderful lesson for all of us, to watch our tongues- out loud or in print. Job well done!Keep up the writing for the LORD!
This was really creative. You managed to cover the topic without using the word blog.

There were a few little errors that a good proofreader would catch for you. Make sure you double-space before every new paragraph. (Hitting preview before you hit submit will help this)Also capitalize Mom when using it as a name. Remember to start a new paragraph each time a different person speaks, even if it's just a word or two.

I really liked your message. It's one we all can be reminded of. I also like even though she saw the light, it was still too late. You have a delightful sense of humor. I laughed out loud at the definition of babysitting.
This story kept me interested...part of it spoke to my heart...thank you for sharing...God bless you in your writing for the Lord...
I liked following you in this journey but got confused on what day Madyson spoke with her Mom and when Danny's mom called.

Remember to close quotations.
Good message! I really liked how the character showed the change within.

Nice job- God Bless~
I loved your title, and the lesson learned Written in a very exciting way.
Congratulations for ranking 7th in your level!