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Short and to the point - well written. God bless you.
This was a great first entry. You made me smile. I could definitely relate to you as I don't quite understand blogs. I think you did a fantastic job covering what I think is a very difficult topic.

My only suggestion is don't mention FW or the challenge. The top 10 overall winners are published in an anthology and those readers may not be aware of FW or the challenge. Oh yeah and I think it's bloggers not blogers. There are critique groups on the forums that you can join that can help you perfect your piece.

Again this was a delightful read. I can't wait to see what an "old broad like you" will do with the topic spam. Keep writing, this is a great start!
Nice piece...I enjoyed the last line "blogger beware." Indeed that is true...
I felt much the same way about writing about a blog. I still don't know very much about it. You did a good job expressing your thoughts.
Welcoem to Faithwriters! I like your thoughts about the your friend's blog and it is so true ... putting information out is putting yourself out there. Kind of like what we do with writing too.

I look forward to your future challenge entries!
I am new to Faithwriters too and felt just as anxious to join the challenge. The way you were introduced to blogging is typically the way people enter into the world of blogging.

I liked this piece, but careful with spelling. Bloger should be blogger.
Nicely done. I agree with some of the critiques from the previous commenters, but I also agree that this piece is short, sweet, shares your heart and is informative. Nice job!

And welcome to Faithwriters!
I thought this was a superb first attempt! It was honest and to the point, and you spoke from your heart.

Nice job -I enjoyed it.
I look forward to reading more of your entries.
God Bless you~
Welcome to FaithWriters! I enjoyed your first person approach with the humor. The transition to the 'lesson' was smoothly accomplished. I look forward to more of your work.
Hey, welcome, and a great job too. I didn't even have nerve enough, or time, to enter that one. I am as green as you on that subject. Sounds like you were referring to Marijo? She is a real sweetheart. Her blogs are neat to read. Great job.
I like your honesty, for it echoes my own geriatric inexperience with what technology can do. And welcome to our FaithWriters family.
Welcome to FW. I kinda liked the mention of FW in the 1st paragraph.

Someone asks, "What's Faith Witers? What's the Challenge?"

Types Faith Writers in the search bar and, voila, here they are.

Then I can read their new challenges too. Hooray!