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Nice little piece about the beginning stages of the internet. On topic, good start and good ending. What's next tho? Keep going next time and show what you end up finding or learning. I like your thought process.
Interesting and on topic. Nicely written, however I was "wanting more" - I think you had a good story, and with just a couple of more lines it would have safely concluded and "framed it" nicely. But, good job overall, I enjoyed it. God Bless~
I like this poem because it is very easy to recognize the events taking place. I too, thought maybe it could be a little longer, making for a more complete ending.

Try spacing your sentences/paragraphs a little for an easier read. It seemed too, that there might have been some places where commas could have been used. Although, the rules for poem writing might be different than a short story.

Keep at it. God Bless.
Short, concise little piece that is quite descriptive of what a search engine does, from the MCs personal view and experience. Like the others though, I felt it ended abruptly and would have benefited from a more personal ending about your search. I really liked the lines Then it hit me, it does the work While I sit like a closed book on a shelf, that was excellent and very descriptive! Enjoyed the read. Blessings.
I struggle with 'poetry' without patterns of rhyming, but I could appreciate some of the imagery. I assume a lot of the assembling of the final product is left to the imagination of the reader. Piece was on topic.
You definitely covered the topic It was a creative way to but it in a poem. But it felt a little stilted. If you had used some more humor it would have fit the type of poem it was.
You had some interesting comparisons that made me think (and that's a good thing). :) I read this twice to pick up every carefully chosen word and meaning.