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I like how you refer to Jesus as our search engine. It is so true. Thank you for reminding us about that.

It would help the reader a bit better if you tried using space between paragraphs. Make sure you double check for comma's. It looked like there could have been some more in some sentences.

It might be good to also pick one or two examples and relate them to us in a story,or event. I work on this myself all the time. It is very useful in the show vs. tell process.
Thanks for your Devotional. I enjoyed it.
I agree with the show versus tell version. A little too muc fact and not enough visualization. I love the concept tho.
On topic for sure, good start and finish.
We will always need that reminder to come away from the computer and come away with HIM. Thanks.
I enjoyed this entry, and I am so pleased to see that many of the writer's refer to Jesus as the "Search Engine" for all of our needs, and wants.

Good job and a wonderful message in this entertaining story. God Bless~
This is very good. I agree. Why don't we use this search engine as much as we should?
I really enjoyed this and its great message! Isn’t it funny, God’s "ultimate" search engine was in place way before the internet but people don’t seem near as excited in asking God as they do running to the net for answers. I really love the ending of this too, about keeping God’s word ready to pull from our heart and mind when needed! It is so true! I can’t tell you the times a scripture has come to me exactly when needed! And there may come a day that stored information will be all we have access to!! Nice job on the topic - I thoroughly enjoyed the read!
I liked the little touches of humor in what could be a dry read. Especially agree with the mention of the Bible because it directs us to its author for our personal answers by showing us examples through the experiences of so many Biblical persons. Well done.
I enjoyed this. You merged the computer search engine and the Bible flawlessly. It was quite creative with a Clear message.
Very nice treatment of the topic! Our 750 word limit means we need to get quickly to the point. We all know so much about what the internet has to offer that I wasn't engaged until the fourth paragraph. But that part grabbed me.

Nice job. You've got me singing that old song, "Jesus is the answer for the world today, Above Him there's no other, Jesus is the way..."

God Bless:)
I liked your creativity in exploring a search engine for all of life's questions. And then, you directed the reader to the Word, where those answers are found. Very nice!
Congratulations for ranking 8th in level one!