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This is a great message and definitely fits the topic.

You may want to put scripture and song lyrics in italics. I think you might be surprised at how many of the words are someone else's. If you quote a song lyric, make sure you credit the composer. Also put in some personal information about how the song or Bible verses impacted your life.

It's obvious you are passionate about spreading the Good News to as many people as possible. It's important to follow God's calling even though at times it can be scary. I appreciate you sharing the song and Bible verses that impacted your life. Keep writing!
Beautiful article. Our "mutual friend" loveth at all times!
Your message is a very good one but it would have been nice to SEE more personal examples of what you wrote…give an example of where Jesus was there through someone’s trials and temptations, show a personal example of Jesus being there when someone was forsaken by everyone else, etc. SHOW me Jesus’ friendship, don’t just tell me. You end by saying, we too, like David are comforted by Jesus - give us at least one example - that is what makes your message come alive off the page, what makes a sermon grab people as they can visually see the sermon, not just hear the words. God bless and look forward to more of your work!
I agree, you need to put in your story or a story. A non-Christian is going to block you out right away, more than likely. Jesus told stories to relate His teaching to the people He was speaking to. By doing so you will make the reader remember your message, relate the scripture to their own lives. They will be more likely to know where to apply the truth you are thying to share with them. Keep working! The passion is there!!!!
trying, not thying- SORRY!