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Interesting angle from the cock's point of view, and well told.
This is an interesting POV. I really felt like I was in the MC's head.

I did almost miss that the MC was the cock that crowed three times, I had to read it a few times to catch it. Perhaps when you revealed it you could have had him proudly flapping his wings while crowing.

You did a great job with the twist ending. I never saw it coming. I really felt like I was right there. And I never thought I'd say this but I could really relate to the crowing rooster. :)
I loved the title and this delightful story. The only suggestion I have is to delete the word "people" in the sentence "I was one of the few people..." Even though that is how the MC thought of himself, it's inclusion misleads the reader unnecessarily. Well done.
Delightful POV but I agree with Virgil...

The lines where he says he was the only person around that would say it like it was, was not fitting with it being the cock at the end. I was wondering why he would refer to himself as a person and also what truth he could be telling just by crowing not when he was crowing for Peter but the other times you refer to, where it hurt peoples feelings? I could understand it where they would get angry (crowing possibly waking- disturbing them) but hurting their feelings didnt seem to fit.

With some tweaking of the descriptions more fitting a cock, this would be masterful! Because this was one of the most creative and imaginative stories I have read! I pray it still places very well for it is so unique and ingenious!