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I like this, it's really creative. Many people don't even realize they are consorting with the enemy. This letter will open some eyes for sure.

I noticed your spacing was off a little. Make sure you hit preview before you hit submit. This will give you a chance to see what your entry will look like. A secret to prevent hitting submit by accident is to not fill in the title and entry level until you are done proofing it.

You had a great idea putting this into a letter format. It makes it feel like you are having a one on one conversation with the reader.
Very insightful, good warning to all...
Timely letter for the modern world. We need to be aware that there is a false friend out there that will deceive you any way he can. Good job on the letter style.
I like the word "frenemy." Your letter contained a timely admonition for readers to ponder. Well done.
Satan indeed will try and convince us he is our friend…just like he pretended to be Eve’s friend, but was her worst enemy, just as he is ours. Frenemy is a good term for a deceiver like that! This “letter” message is a good warning and reminder to beware! Good job!
I like your message that says we must stay diligently aware and ahead of "Lucifer's" tactics. I'm not sure I would consider him a friend. Personally, I would drop the "fr." It suggests compromise. Your piece reminds me of one of Paul's letters to the Church.
Great devotional!
Very insightful and creative approach to how deceitful nerss of the evil one can be. I liked your wrap-up.
An excellent devotional that, with a few changes, might be good for a youth group. This could very easily be adapted to form a series of bible studies, to really bring out the different aspects of our 'frenemy's' nature and how our God WILL provide ways to stand firm in our faith. Well done on an excellent entry!
Congratulations for placing 8th in level one!