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This is really lovely. I liked that you took a fresh approach on the topic. Politics was a great idea.

Try to make your dialog a little more natural. I have a hard time picturing someone saying I share your concerns. Something like Oh, I hear ya. or I get where you're coming from. might sound more like a conversation between friends.

You're doing a good job of working on painting a picture for the reader. I really enjoyed the contrast of the two prayers. That really gave me a peek into the two different personalities.
I like how the two friends had different views in their prayers, one thinking Clair should not run for office, the other saying more passionate women like here are needed in office...but though seeing it a bit different they both wanted Gods direction for their friend and had her best interest in heart as they prayed! I loved that visual! Great story, well written!
I enjoyed this story, it was focused and sincere. I like that it showed how two people can be concerned about someone and praying for them without that person even knowing. Great job!