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I think this is great. I enjoyed this so much.

Speaking about your Grandad, and how he encouraged faith, learning, and teaching.

Starting you own for your daughter is awsome. I want to do this someday too.
Thank you for sharing. Great read.
Awww, I loved this. It was so beautiful and what a great testimony about "grandpa" I simply loved it. God Bless you~
Thoughtful and encouraging. Well done. And Jesus answered him, Blessed are you, Simon Bar-Jonah! For flesh and blood has not revealed this to you, but my Father who is in heaven." ~ Matthew 16:17 There's a sermon there!
You captured the truth of seeking God through diligent study. The grandfather's persuasion came shining through. I once had a Sunday School teacher who came from a scientific background. He worked with primates in San Antonio and became a Christ follower in his 30's after recognition of God as creator. The Father honored his questions and transformed his life!
This is a lovely tribute to a wonderful man. It touched my heart and I'm so glad you shared a part of your life with me.
This is a lovely tribute to a wonderful man. It touched my heart and I'm so glad you shared a part of your life with me.
IMO best entry I've read so far in level 1. God knows how best to persuade each of us, whether through science, fulfilled prophecy, or mending a broken heart. He is the God who stoops.
A lovely devotional and a nice tribute to your grandfather.

I'm not a big fan of long paragraphs that tell more than show, but you did a good job of making this an interesting read with the details you provided. Nicely written.
This is a beautiful entry. I love the reference to 'digging' for God! Actually, there were many parts of this that made me smile, think, ponder and, eventually, I was 'persuaded' that yes, we really do need to arm our kids with tools so they can dig for Him, too. Well done!
Your granddad was so right. Ignorance is a terrible thing. High schools and colleges used to teach 'Comparative Religions'. I've often wondered how many students were persuaded of the Bible's truth through those classes. When we compare what other religions teach to what God has written, there is no comparison. I loved how you showed the 'no comparison' in the paragraph of covers opening, pages whirring and covers slammed shut.

A very good message. And wonderful writing skills. Thank you for this article.
Congratulations. God bless~