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Hahahahahaha...good story- and truly a comedy of errors!

I enjoyed it, and the way he didn't allow the hurdles that were thrust in his path, to stop his important speech about "life," and preserving it as we know it!

God Bless you~
This is a nice story.

Even though you said Larry gave speeches for Crises Pregnancy centers I didn't realize it was an anti-abortion speech until the end. I liked his perservance in still giving his speech.

You have to be careful with your proofreading. There are many errors that you missed. For example you used your instead of you're and you spelled odor like Oder. Also this technically isn't an error but in the US smelt isn't correct it would be smelled but in British English it is acceptable.

I enjoyed the humor in this. You have a special way with delivering comedy, I think it might feel awkward to you but you are quite good at it. I think if you keep using humor you'll get better and better. The ending really packed a powerful punch. There's a great message there for anyone who feels overwhelmed or has had a bad day.