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It can be very hard to watch friends and family make poor life choices. In these times, prayer is our only option, and we must seek God earnestly on their behalf. Well done.
This is a great story that shows often when a parent isn't there that the kids will go looking for love in all the wrong places.

Make sure you triple check your work. You spelled Mikayla a couple of ways and had a few minor typos sprinkled around.

Mikayla is lucky she had a strong male role model like her uncle in her life or she may have repeated her mom;s mistakes. Great message.
Sally's brother Ken's love for his sister shines like the Son. His introspection into the whole situation reflects your insight and knowledge of human needs. Keep writing.
I love that Mikayla tells her uncle to pray. A wise girl. Good story!
Very heartbreaking as so many of us in life have made some poor choices in relationships but God can heal and turn around situations if we let Him. Niely done-my heart went out the the kids and I felt sad for the mom as she was crying out inside but just couldn't face her demons. There's a 10 week class I encourage people to take if there is one held in their vicinity-we have it run every few months at church. It's called Bridging the Gap-and though difficult sometimes-it's a blessing and healing tool that reaches out to the hurting. The material they teach, helps us recognize what has happened to us as children, learn to forgive and heal from our past. It's one class that needs repeating as the hurt in each of us often runs deep and needs re-adressing. Well done!