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Wow you totally took me by surprise at the end and it really fit the topic in reverse which I think is quite clever.

A little note don't ever start a sentence with a number spell it out also spell out numbers under 10.

Nice job with the characters and again agreat ending.
The ending surprised me, and that's good. You have planted seeds worth thinking about. Good job.
Wow. Shocker ending. Certainly not a neat and tidy one, which is good. It's real. And sad. :(

Good opener as well. I could tell what the story was about right away.

On a technical note, Bible should always be capitalized.

In the paragraph where you talk about the argument, it wasn't clear to me as I started to read it who had the argument. The couple? It became apparent that it was within the church, but more clarity in the writing would be good there.

The rest of it was very clear. Nice writing! :)
I agree with the other comments. You kept me interested. The ending was sad :( but left me with the question. Was the argument really "Much Ado About Nothing?" Provokes serious thought.