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I loved it! You had me laughing! I'd get another calendar?
Wow, you really developed the theme superbly.
Your character displayed extreme bravery knowing her singing voice was not quite up to scratch, yet singing anyway.

It was a great story and had me laughing, especially on reading the last line.
An enjoyable well written story with a delightful ending. Well done.
Oh this is wonderful!! In such a short time I developed a real liking for your MC and was so proud of her for giving it a go - pride stuck in the throat and all! And the last line...I did not see that coming at all! This really is very well written and shows a wonderful sense of humour. Really well done!
Great story! I could see the ending coming but I still giggled at the picture your painted me. Nicely done!
Oh this is hillarious! I could put myself right in your stilettos and swag. I can't begin to tell you how many times I had granduer intentions to cellebrate and honor my dear husband only to find myself unprepared and falling way short of the mark. Fortunately he would say that it is much to do about nothing. Love this story.
Cute story and I didn't see that ending coming at all:) Funny stuff:)
I love your story--from beginning to end! You made me laugh.
"Houston, we have a problem..."
I love the fun you bring out of this natural episode, even with all the efforts your MC has endured to make the evening memorable - for all the wrong reasons. Brilliant work.
Very funny story! The ending surprised me, very well written!
Wowwww! That is awesome. I needed to laugh today. Thanks!
Okay Jennifer. I realize that I've already left a comment, but I think that you should know - you're a hit!

I've passed your little tale through the office today and I've heard outbreaks of spontaneous laughter errupting throughout the building.

Two cubicles to go and we need to book a show!
Great work, Jennifer! I'm wiping the tears from my eyes too. I can't stop giggling. This one is (like James) getting circulated around work today.

Thanks for the story. WOW!!!

This was a very amusing and enjoyable little story. I also anticipated where it was going but this is exactly something I'd expect my wife to do. Well done.