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This seems like it could be a much bigger story, trapped inside the 750 word limit. Good contrast with the life we live outside of Christ, and the reminder that He never stops knocking - no matter what.
Wow, I like this, it says a lot. Quite sad that it takes so long to follow the father.
ooh this gives me chills and my eyes full of empathetic tears. I remember having no problem believing Jesus could forgive someone like Hitler for his sins, but never would he beadle to forgive me. You have done a marvelous job with this piece_ I can feel, read, see, and taste the genius in it. Brilliant writing!
Wow! Editor's Choice on your first ever challenge - congratulations! Your writing was absolutely gripping.
I congradulate you for a story well done and also for winning the challange. God bless you, Sherry.
Congratulations on EC for your first story in the challenges. You definitely have a gift. This is a wonderful analogy, excellently written.
(Only suggestion would be to space between the paragraphs.)
This is so well written and so identifiable for nearly everyone because each of us, no matter our relationship with God, has made that same choice to not answer when He comes knocking. We all can empathize with your MC and you've written it so eloquountly that it brings us to our knees. What an excellent job and a well deserved win! Congratulations!
Congrats Joseph! Great read. I agree about creating paragraphs, but I loved the story and, obviously, so did the judges.
What a heart wrenching story. The title is perfect. How good it is to know that our Father is waiting, no matter what the circumstances.

Congratulations on your first place win. I can't wait to read more.
Thanks for all the kind words. Because It was my first submission, I was not aware that indentations and italicized words did not carry over. I noticed, however, that there were stories that had italicized words--any help? Thanks again.