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This is a sweet story. The Jungle Ride is one of my favorite Disney rides. Your title drew me in because my favorite original character, Wrigley, has been known to say Sleep tight, don't let the elephants bite. I really liked how Mother became Mommy by the end of the day.
It's too bad you told the end instead of the little girl showing us -maybe hugging her mom and saying, "Thanks, Mommy!" instead.

Very cute story:)
A sweet story. Do some work on show vs tell. I really liked the progression from Mom to Mommy--has good potential to be expanded. Good job.
First of all...I had to look up 'pachyderm'in the dictionary to find your entry. :)

I like Laury and Kathryn's advice.

The phone call dialogue needs to be broken up. The way it is written, it reads like the whole conversation is on the phone.
So you need to hang up, have Daddy kneel down or put his arm around Caitlin (or something like that) and then talk to her directly.

My dress is still clean, see?” Caitlin pirouetted around Mother. Nice!!

Cute story. Keep writing! :)
You have a great sense of life and energy, and your characters are well-drawn. I caught some of the tension between mother and daughter, but I did not follow its full resolution. But then, as a deprived Aussie, I've never been to Disneyland.
You have good storytelling skills. I forsee you graduating from beginners soon. With the word limit, you covered the ground, bringing the mother back into the family, emotionally. I still am left wondering, however, "what's her problem?" that she was so negative at the beginning. I was anticipating that the parents were on the verge of a split. Was she bored being a stay-at-home mom, and now she's happy because she has a job? That's the only area I see that could benefit with a few more words to explain.