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Well they do say that pride comes before a fall!
Poor you, if this is a true account - you have my sympathy, and also a little bit of envy.

A lovely essay!
Charming piece even with the dog leavings. Thanks for sharing, whether fiction or life experience.
You have the gift of storytelling. This was a delight and I'm glad the MC was able to find the humor in this engaging tale. This will be one of the stories someone begs to hear it every Christmas. I love your characters and the lesson that was taught through all of the chaos!
What a real story! I have a good friend who loves to decorate too. I could picture her in your story - and tahat made me laugh even more.
My favourite sentence: "My young ones have this uncanny ability to keep me humble and dirty and real."
Yes, children force us to be real. That's a blessing.
lovely and you have the grace to tell a funny story with you in the middle.... i presume it is true as that is often stranger than fiction....hope you win but there are some good enteries and this is defo a top scorer:-)
Congrats on 2nd place, Jody! Great story. Engaging and humorous, as well as a nice lesson on learning to let stuff go and focus on what's important.