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Easily identifiable story. Strong character portrayal, even the mother who had died. I hope Carrie does well. =)
This brought tears to my eyes. After my mom died I hungered for her scent.One day I ironed my dad's shirts and put them into the closet I sniffed Mom's clothes and couldn't smell her anymore.It was such a hard day, but like your MC I know I'll see her in Paradise.
Very nice job setting up the scene and letting us get to know your MC. There is so much hope here. Great job!
Brave woman, that mother. I think Carrie is going to be okay.
Try to use up all your allotted words so you can flesh out your characters and story as much as possible. :)
I like the scene of packing the car and looking up at the sky.
"Im doing it for both of us,
Momma" What a wonderful line.
You sure don't write like a 'beginner!' I think you did a good job expressing the thoughts and emotions of a young woman leaving her old life behind. Letting go is not an easy thing to do, for sure.
what a lovely story... i agree with the comments this has good title, bang on theme and a beginning middle and end, suspense and brilliant plot dont think you are in the right level here.:-) need to move on up
This was a very moving story. I found cheering and hoping for the MC at the end as she drove off. A true story of hope covered in the realities of life we all face. Well done!