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What a beautiful story! Loved it, love it, loved it. You kept my attention to the end.
A very touching story speaking of the horrors that many Jews were subjected to in Europe.
It is so inspirational to know that Jesus can still touch hearts no matter the external surroundings.
Thank goodness for the faithfulness of Lillian.
Having written about the Holocaust in Latvia last week, it was encouraging to read your story with a most blessed ending. Thank you.
This is a great story. I held my breath from the beginning. I love the characters and how you painted a picture with your words. I think you could have left the last sentence off. It is so important to keep telling stories about that dark mark in history lest we forget and it doesn't get passed on to our next generations. This is one of my favorite stories.
Hello dear writer! This is very powerful! Thank you! I live in Germany and happen to be half German (father) and half English (mother). I came to faith when I was 9 in a family where no one knew God personally at the time. We learned a lot in my school (doesn't happen in all schools here in Germany the way it should) about the evils of this time - and me and my school mates were sick with guilt, grief and horror, and battling to deal with this history of ours. Being descendants of the "BEAST" is a horrible "legacy". The word SIN cannot even contain all these horrors. Much later, when I was in my 20s and researching the history of Germany and Poland for an article (for a German missions magazine), I realised that we (e.g. we Germans) did a lot more evil. More, much more! The killings and the suffering spread to so many nations. As Christians we have a different legacy altogether. Thank God for his grace! Please do write more stories like this one. Because the world is forgetting too fast and new BIESTS have been unleashed all over the world.
Okay, my friend, you've done it again. You've made me feel.
I have tears running down my cheeks.
God Bless you!