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Fancy is very blessed to have a friend like Sue to encourage her. Dialogue flows smoothly as does the storyline. I was thrilled to read that Fancy has booked a performance.
It looks like the start of something good!

You seem to have a few formatting issues where the lines have moved.

I would also like to have seen a stronger tie to the writing challenge title,
'This side of Paradise.'
Encouraging story but as mentioned formatting distracted, including the lack of quotation marks, in the dialogue. Keep up the writing, you are on your way.
I love your thought about using the gifts God has given to us while we're here on earth. It's an appropriate message for Faithwriters.:-)

A few suggestions: 1) Watch out for the "to be" verbs (is, was, am, etc).
For example: Instead of writing, "Fancy and her friend just left the schoolhouse, and Fancy is saying, I am so tired of being disappointed", consider this:
Fancy and her friend had just left the schoolhouse when Fancy says, "I am so tired of being disappointed."

2)Colloquial, everyday speech does not always present well when written. For example:

"You" rather than "Ya" or "Yah", "Have any" rather than "Got any", "because" rather than "cause".

3)Keep a closer eye on grammar and sentence structure. I found a few commas missing in action.:-)
For example:

"I've done better than that, (or you could also use a period here.)I have booked some dates already where I'll be singing."

"It's not the record deal,but watch out because here I come."

Your story reminds us all that once we put into practice the gifts God gives to us, there's no measure to the blessings that follow. Keep writing and don't forget to read stories from other levels. The more we read, the more we learn, always:-)

A little commercial. If you have access to the Forum, check out Jan's Basic Writing thread. It's a gold mine of information and how-to's.