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Discernment is a spiritual gift we all need to exercise. True, some have more than others, but we can all grow in it. You made a number of good points with your article. Thanks.
I have never been gifted with discernment. It is a constant struggle for me to discern what is just apart from what is clearly spelled out in the scriptures.

Thank you for sharing about your gift.
This entry is well laid out and written with great care.

My only suggestion is to look for ways to make your entries more readable, less dry and academic. Perhaps sharing a specific instance where your gift of discernment made a big impact on someone's life. Readers are drawn to reading about actual people and events.

Your admonitions to believers are well-received. Very good article.
You made some great points and backed them up with scripture. One of the craftiest lies the devil gets people to believe is that he doesn't exist and there is no hell. Your article reminded me of a sermon my minister gave on that point. I'm not sure if it's directly on topic but I can see the subtle ways it might frt. You definitely gave me a lot to think about.