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This is a very well written story. I love the analogy you used. Great job!
Sweet story. :) Took me back to middle of the night experiences with my girls, so many years ago now. I loved how you tied in God's love for us as it relates to our love for our children.
I absolutely loved this! I loved the part where you said that God would love to have those rocking chair moments with us and us checking Him out while safely nestled in His arms. I hope this story will encourage us to take time to have those quiet rocking chair moments with God. He longs to look down into our upturned faces and tell us how much He loves us. Thanks for sharing this wonderful story and reminding us of our Father's love.
Mmm. Now here is one you can really "rock" with. You painted a perfect example of your message, explained the meaning behind it, then wrapped it up by taking us right back to your "painting." Very nicely done!
I echo all the above comments-this is splendid! Love the title. Such a cool reminder of letting our father be our father! I always tell my kids that god is our BIG daddy...but seem to forget that for myself!
Rocking chair moments are awesome. Thanks for sharing with us:)
Really excellent detail here. Great message as well.

I loved the Aha! moment of this piece--where you hear the voice of God. I think that moment would be superb as the ending of this piece, leaving your reader with that same flash of realization.

This was a beautiful read.
Oh, what a moving and beautiful story. I was particularly drawn to our Father's wanting us to look into His face, study Him, get to know Him. Of course that's what He wants--and we need to do more and more of it, and really KNOW how much He loves us. Thank you!
A beautiful devotional--one I could so identify with,and this was a very creative use of the topic.
precious :-) from the amount of positive comments i am sure you will do well with this beautiful piece which is enthralling from so many many angles.
This is a beautiful story. I left with a feel good feeling in my heart and a lovely vivid picture in my mind.

Congratulations for placing 11th in level one!