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I cried a couple of tears after reading the story. I don't know of anyone who has never been affected by this disease.

The mother made the right decision, but it is still very difficult for those who have to watch it happen.
Very moving. Very touching how the mother taught the daughter how, with God, one can have peace, even in the midst of impending death ... and one can continue to serve others with the joy of the Lord, making every moment count.
Congratulations on such a thoughtfully-compiled entry; both for the depth of its message and for the quality of your character profiles. They are so completely believable. This should rate highly.
Your title drew me in and I wasn't disappointed. I was so inspired by the mother's attitude, strength and faith. Good job--keep writing.
You wrote about a very inspiring woman--nice job.

I wonder if you could tighten up the middle section--the conversation between her and her daughter--and work more on characterization of the mother by showing us (rather than telling us) some of the ways she filled her last days.

Any of us who've been blessed to know a person like this knows what a blessing they are--thanks for the reminder.
This is a beautiful love story between a mother and daughter. You grabbed me in the first sentence and held me to the very end.

It looks like you are working on avoiding tags (like he said) and doing more showing then telling. If you keep writing and possibly not interrupt the dialog with your showing but do the showing in the beginning or end of the dialog it might flow better.

You have a lot of talent and you are doing a great job with areas many writers struggle. Great story and a beautiful tribute to mothers like your MC.