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This is a wonderful story of God's provisions in our lives. It is also difficult to use food stamps, because you are on a fixed income. People tend to be too judgmental.

I think you meant to use the word gripe, instead of grip.

Nicely done.
Very well done. I can relate. God always comes through for us.
I love the ending to this. Great take on embarrassment in the checkout lane!
A good message about God's faithfulness and provision. God bless!
A sweet story--I've been blessed to be able to help out a person or two in checkout lines, and it's definitely fun.

This was a bit rough in a few spots, with some errors in sentence structure (a few run-ons, a few fragments)that a close edit might find.

This is a lovely story of the God who provides--thanks for writing it!
I enjoyed your story of faith. You had this reader emotionall involved. Very nice!
Enjoyable story on God's provision. An appropriate title for the theme this week. God Bless.
Great MC! Pay attention to the mechanics and focus on honing your voice. Thanks for a good read.
I like this because it has so much heart and shows a situation many of us may have been faced with. Whether it's the woman finding it rough financially to put food on the table, or the elderly gentleman who was willing to give we cab relate to this piece. God help us to be givers of what is yours to begin with. Thx for writing this! Good job.