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A tender reminder of how quickly our lives can change and a prompt to be thankful and content. Well written, thank you for sharing.
It's easier to think negative thoughts than positive ones. Thank you for the reminder to count it all joy.

Well written.

I believe you wanted your title to say: Confessions of a Negative Outlook, not Outloot. Also, driveway is one word not two. However, these minor errors did not detract from the message one bit.
I could empathize with the roller coaster of emotion the MC went through. I love living in the country too.

Your story had a good impact but it could be fantastic if you did more showing than telling. For instance instead of saying that I had been complaining use more dialog to show us the complaint. Describe how the MC's stomach lurched when her husband's words finally penetrated her brain.

You have a great gift for storytelling and I can see you are starting to use more showing than telling. Your message is wonderful and one everyone can relate to. Keep up the good work and never stop writing you have great things to say.
Congratulations for ranking 13th in level one!