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God truly is an amazing God. I'm glad the MC stuck to his convictions and stated the truth to his parents.
Very realistic. The dialogue was well structured. So glad the father responded in grace in the end. God does work amazingly in hearts who listen to Him.
Great dialogue and a great story about parents need to control....but thankfully, they came around and showed true Christian character. Go bless!
Many young christians struggle right at this junction for many years. Well written, engrossing dialogue, strong MC. Greact story. God bless
This was an enjoyable reistic read. So many people think if you are a Christian then you never sin but Christians are like every creature no matter the religion we are just fortunate because we are forgiven and because we love Jesus so much we want to please him and try to din no more but it always doesn't workout that way. I like how you had several messages in this inspiring piece.
I enjoyed this; it’s extremely well written. I guess I might have preferred it if she’d had a child rather than the MC sharing with his parents that she’d been intimate, but that’s just me. The conflict, the tension, the great story-telling, it’s all here. This is an excellent piece that held my interest throughout.
I too was very involved in the story ... it grabbed me and didn't let go. The son's convictions truly were a testimony to his parent's godly upbringing - even if they was being tested by them. Nicely written and ... nicely done!.