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I think we all must endure through mistakes that we can't fix on our own. (he-he)Until next time around, thats how we learn. Very intense story Ashley, discriptive-I felt I was right there on the scene. Well written for a first. God bless ya and much love in Christ, littlelight
Ashly brought a tear to my eye. Sad that what was forbidden here was a society Truly touching
Yes I agree, this story is sad and true. I am glad to see we as human beings are a little better toward others with differant colour skin. I know it is still out there, yet until Jesus comes it won't ever be totally Gone. I too felt like I was there and could almost feel her heart beating as I took in your words. well done.
Overlooking the name thing i think this is very well written. From another firsttimer well done!
Ashely, dont worry about leaving your name on this - just remember next time! This is such a touching and affecting story: very true, even sometimes today we are not as far from such prejudice as we would like to believe. Some of the sentance structure needs to be tightned up a little, but this has a very individual voice I like very much. God bless, and keep writing!
Unfortunately, this was the case with so many people many years ago. If God created us all, why can't we treat each other all the same? I guess this question can only be answered by the One that holds all the knowledge of this world. A powerful story.
LOL..don't worry about your name being there:) It was a powerful story. So glad you decided to jump in and post! I was once told to not use so many exclamation points..(notice I still do in my critiques..:) But other than that, you did a great job!!