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You have to excuse my slang but "you killed that!"--it's a good thing. The "quotes" emphasized the sarcasm and I couldn't help but laugh because you hit the nail right on the head!

You go girl/boy! ;)
You make some great points and you have been blessed with unconditional love.
Good for you! You got your point across excellently! Good writing! God bless!
Absolutely spot on! It's not a condemnation of the "luke-warm" christian and it reflects my sentiments. God bless you as you continue to boast of his unfailing love.
If we as Christian are not living for God then we are wasting God's gift. I loved how quickly you put it and how you put it. If more Christians caught the fire for God and really burned for Him-WOW would this world take notice of real love and real living!!! Great writing, thank you!